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Karate Kickboxing Martial Arts Association Australia.

WAKO (World Association Of Kickboxing Organization) is a leading karate kickboxing Martial Arts Association Australia. Founded in 1971 WAKO IF is the largest and ONLY recognised body for the sport of Amateur Kickboxing by SPORTACCORD and AIMS (which forms the 4th group in IOC along side ARISF, ASOIF and AIOWF.)

WAKO Australia aims to develop the sport in Australia to match that of the rest of the World. We look forward to bringing the BEST of the Australian Martial Artist to compete at recognised International events such as SPORTACCORD World Combat Games, IOC – IWGA International World Games, WAKO IF World Championships, WAKO Oceania Oceanic Championships and of course local grass root competitions.

We are introducing many new platforms in Australia and look forward to working with many new clubs as we grow. We are known as the largest and the most recognised body for martial arts sports. World leaders in martial arts sports have supported the vision of our refined organisation in Australia. Based on our efforts to make sports better in Australia we have been honoured membership of the Sportaccord Combat Games and federation of the International World Games Association.

One of the main reasons for WAKO Australia to have such strong growth at its early stages is the focus we put on recognised and qualified referees, who we certify through an intense 8hr course. These credentials are constantly updated and developed, also giving our Referees the opportunity to travel and increase their levels and competency through international Competition.

WAKO Australia invited all the proud members of the Australian martial arts community and many other different leagues to join WAKO and get an opportunity to represent Australia on the WAKO world Stage for Sport martial arts Kickboxing Australia. Our association is open to all forms of martial arts disciplines which cover Point Fighting, Light Contact Continues Kickboxing, Full Contact Kickboxing, Low Kick Kickboxing, Karate Australia, K1 Rules, Kick Light and Musical forms.

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Queensland K1 Championship Highlights

Highlights from the Queensland K1 Wako Championshipshttp://www.onemediaproductions.com/product/qld-k1-championships/

Posted by One Media Productions on Sunday, 28 May 2017